Performance analysis and recommendations to improve the lifetime of the drum ring-wheel system of a grain roaster

It was required to validate the expected durability of the wheel-ring system during the design process of a grain roaster machine. This system allows the rotational movement of the drum where the roast process is carried out. The loads under static and dynamic conditions of the system were calculated aiming to generate a reliable design, as well as the contact stresses for different materials of the tribological pair (ring-wheel) in order to find the optimum conditions to increase the durability of both components.

The design validation through analytical models brought to our customer the following benefits:

  • Saving money and time in the manufacturing of prototypes or in the lab testing in order to validate its design
  • A reliable design aiming to offer its machines in the market
  • Optimization of the tribological pair (ring- wheel) through the selection of suitable materials and the validation of the operating conditions
  • Support in durability topics and in the suitable operation of the system

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