About Us

Who we are

Kobaltum is a consulting company specialized in the reduction of wear in mechanical parts and productive systems through the implementation of the Best Tribology Practices with the aim to increase durability and reduce the associated costs due to failures, unscheduled stops and excessive consumption of spare parts.

The Kobaltum team is composed by professionals with postgraduate studies (M.Sc., Ph.D.) in areas of mechanical and materials engineering, tribology and welding with more than 25 years of combined academic and industrial experience.

What we do

We identify and solve problems related with the durability of mechanical components and the availability of those that are critical for the production. We design and assist our customers to implement solutions and action plans focused on increasing the operational performance of their systems to generate economic and energetic saves.

To reach these goals Kobaltum has the following work areas:

Surface Engineering

Performance Analysis

Who are our customers

Kobaltum solutions are focused on mining & oil production, electricity generation, industrial design and manufacturing operations. However, any companies interested in improving their performance and reduce their operational costs would benefit from Kobaltum’s services.

Do you have wear problems?

The following questions are made in order to help you identify if you have wear problems, if one or more answers are affirmative, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Does your productive system present continuously non-scheduled stops?
  • Does your company have large spare parts inventory?
  • Are the scheduled stops in the production frequent?
  • Do you invest a considerable amount of money and time replacing parts or critical components?
  • Do you have problems to validate your designs before investing in them?

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