Performance Analysis

The performance analysis is carried out for mechanical components, whether they are in the design stage or they are already working in a production system, emphasizing on:

  • Design Validation: The service allows determining the expected behavior of a prototype, aiming to help the engineering and design team to make decisions before investing money and time in the manufacturing process

  • Estimation of lifetime: The service allows programming preventive and predictive maintenance tasks based on the calculated lifetime of any mechanical component. It also helps maximizing the operational efficiency and avoiding non-scheduled stops

The performance analysis is carried out by studying the operating and environmental conditions to which the component is subjected. The stress state is determined and safety factors (static and fatigue) and expected lifetime are computed with the aid of analytical and numerical models (computer aided simulations).

The operating conditions are analyzed using Ansys NLS V16 software.

Finally, wear tests in lab or in-situ are offered in order to validate properties of materials used for manufacturing mechanical components.

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